What do you get with Toucan?

An enormous sense of wellbeing, for one. Plus, a huge tick next to that ‘good deed for the month’ you’ve been planning.

AND an excuse to cut yourself a bit of slack for any of those slightly less good deeds you’d normally feel bad about.

Oh, and all this stuff too...

Feature 1

20,000 ways to change the world

Discover charities that resonate, quickly and efficiently, enabling you to donate to the causes you care about most.

Feature 2

A different kind of portfolio

Create your own giving portfolio and make an impact across multiple charities.

Feature 3

Give to who you want, when you want

Choose up to three charities and support them long term or switch it up each month.

Feature 4

A statement you're proud of

Your donation history is all kept under one roof, allowing you to easily track the good that you're doing.

Feature 5

Social impact just got social

Share your giving on social and highlight the causes you care about to the wider world.

Feature 6

Ready to give a little?

Scan the QR code with your phone camera to magically be taken to the app store.