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With many charities struggling to make their voices heard, our mission at Toucan is to amplify the great work that charities do. To help raise their profiles. To introduce them to thousands of potential new donors. And to grow a community of followers who give regularly, every month.

We believe that all giving is good and we’re not here to compete with other charitable donation platforms. Rather, we hope to wake the dormant donors out there – people who feel passionately about causes but haven’t yet found a way to discover the right charities for them.

And we aim to bridge the gap between charities and the younger generation, by providing a fun, engaging and flexible way to give. 100 percent of all donations made through the Toucan mobile app (plus Gift Aid) will go to the selected charity. The cost for charities is zero, there are no sign-up fees, nor will charities ever be asked to pay to receive money donated to them. And there really is no catch - we simply and genuinely want to make a difference to the world.


If you'd like to find out more about how we can collaborate to support the work your charity is doing, please complete this form and we’ll get right back to you.

And if you have any feedback or suggestions about Toucan, please let us know here.

Featured charities

Sarcocma UK

Health and Disease

Health & Disease

Our mission is to ensure everyone affected by sarcoma receives the best treatment, care and support available.

UK charity number 1136613

Solidarity Sports

Children & Young People

Children & Youth

We believe every child deserves happiness. Using play, encouragement and love to help children recover from trauma.

UK charity number 1123589

Changes Bristol

Health and Disease

Health & Diseases

We run free daytime and evening support groups for people experiencing mental distress

UK charity number 1167828

Fulham Good Neighbours

Children & Young People


Fulham Good Neighbours is a well established local charity working to improve the lives of older people living in Fulham

UK charity number 1113752

ACE Projects

Children & Young People

Children and Youth

ACE Projects accelerates locally found social projects/entrepreneurs who share a common mission of empowering youth

UK charity number 1182685


Health and Disease

Health & Disease

A charity supporting women receiving chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatment for primary and secondary breast cancer

UK charity number 1170737