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What is Plogging?

3rd December 212 mins
By Toucan

What on earth is plogging?

If you’ve arrived at this page, there’s a good chance you’ve come across ‘plogging’ and thought you’d misheard or misread. So if you have come here with questions, let’s us try to convince you on the benefits of plogging – and maybe even convert you, too. 

Simply put, plogging is litter picking while jogging. The eco-friendly fitness craze and its unique name both originate from Sweden – plogging is a portmanteau of jogging and “plocka up” which is Swedish for “pick up”. Plogging allows you to combine the physical and mental benefits of exercising outdoors, with the feel good act of helping to clean up our planet; it’s a win-win for everyone.

Although it might seem like a small and arduous task, litter picking can have a big impact on the environment. A report from suggests that over 8 million kilograms of plastic waste ends up in the ocean each year, and a whopping 80% of that comes from land (according to the Columbia Climate School). Therefore, litter picking helps prevent this waste getting into the sea, which would otherwise damage the marine ecosystem and ultimately kill animals. You can learn more about how plastic pollution impacts our oceans here. {LINK TO E09}

By adding some light jogging – or full-on running if you’re a fitness fanatic – to litter picking, it can make the process of collecting discarded rubbish feel much more enjoyable and purposeful, in addition to the obvious positive affects the exercise has on your health and wellbeing. Plogging can also be done in groups of various sizes, adding a fun, social aspect to the activity. So plogging can help your physical and mental health, your social life and the environment; what’s not to love about it?

Plogging is also super accessible and easy to do. All you need is a bin bag and some gloves. Of course, if you have one of those snazzy litter pickers, take that with you too. You can go plogging almost anywhere; where there is litter, there can be plogging. However, the best places to start are usually beaches and parks, or anywhere in your local that you have seen an excess of unwanted trash.

If after reading all this you still don’t feel that plogging is something for you, you can still play your part in helping the environment by donating to one of the many amazing charities on the Toucan app that combat plastic waste pollution. Toucan makes it easier than ever to find charities that support the causes you care about, and allows you to donate to them in hassle-free manner. Toucan literally puts the power to be a hero in your hands.

If plogging does seem up your street, however, get out there and do it! And don’t forget to spread the word about plogging to your friends and family. You can find your local plogging group by visiting, but you may also find them on Facebook Groups and Instagram. You never know, you might end up as the leader of a whole troop of ploggers.

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