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Meet the charity: Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Group

5th April 222 mins
By Toucan

It’s estimated 3 million in the UK are currently living with cancer. This isn’t just traumatising for those living with the illness but everyone around them too. 

That’s why local charities and support groups like Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Group are so important. We spoke to Nicola Donoghue to hear all about the incredible work the group does. 

Hi Nicola, first things first, what's your role at Widnes & Runcorn Cancer Support Group?

Operations Manager

Which causes does Widnes & Runcorn Cancer Support Group support and what work do you do?

We provide emotional and psychological support for local people who have been affected by cancer.

What sort of things do you use donations for?

Providing listening support, counselling, holistic therapies and support groups for people going through cancer treatment, caring for someone with cancer or bereaved due to cancer

What projects have you worked on that you're most proud of?

Alongside our original purpose to support adults in dealing with cancer, we are proud to offer emotional and psychological support for children and young people when an adult in their life has cancer.

What are the biggest challenges still to overcome?

Cancer rates and mental health issues are very prevalent in Halton so the need to provide services for support is constantly increasing.

The impact of the pandemic is yet to be realised yet we know that far less cancers were detected and treated over the last two years and that many patients are now presenting with more advanced cancers. This will result in greater pressures on our health services, with reduced resource and provision for support. The challenges of meeting this demand are ever increasing.

Other than donating, what’s the one thing people can do to support your charity and its mission?

Talk about us and charities like ours so people know where to turn when cancer affects their lives.

If you would like to support Widnes & Runcorn Cancer Support Group, download the Toucan app using this link and they'll automatically appear in your Giving Portfolio when you first log in.

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