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Meet the Charity: Break

5th April 222 mins
By Toucan

We sat down with Sarah Bunn from the charity Break to hear all about how the charity supports young people in care. 

Hi Sarah, first things first, what's your role at Break?

Community Fundraising Manager

Which causes does Break support and what work do you do?

Supporting children and young people on the edge of care, in care and moving on from care.

What sort of things do you use donations for?

Supporting our work - enabling us to be there for young people, when they need it, for as long as they need it. This may be therapeutic sessions, activities, mentoring, enhancing our work so we can be the best 'parents' possible for our young people.

What projects have you worked on that you're most proud of?

We are proud of every single young person that comes through our doors.  The journey they go on can be long and, at times, extremely hard, but we don't give up, providing different opportunities at every turn - celebrating every achievement and using all the tools we enable them to become independent and be their very own version of successful in their lives.   

What are the biggest challenges still to overcome?

Providing a specialist dedicated network of support for all young people, overcoming the stigma of being a child in care and giving these young people a voice.

Other than donating, what’s the one thing people can do to support your charity and its mission?

To volunteer, take on your own fundraising initiatives and events, nominate us as a charity of the year where you work, or just share what we do with others.

If you would like to support Break, download the Toucan app using this link and they'll automatically appear in Giving Portfolio when you first log in.

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