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Click here for positivity: Top 5 feel good sites and apps

31st January 222 mins
By Toucan

Top 5 feel good sites and apps

Everyone has their down days. No matter who you are, where you are or what you do, it’s impossible to always feel happy. It is incredibly easy to have negativity thrust upon us via our surroundings – especially on our social media channels.

But we can do something to help our mood, even in the sometimes desolate landscape of the internet. There are rays of lights, beacons of hope; websites and apps which exist for the sole purpose of bringing joy, happiness and positivity to people’s lives.

We have found these pockets of digital sunshine and are delighted to share them with you. So if you’re not feeling your best today, why not check one of them out. You never know, it could be exactly what you need right this second.


A digital charitable giving app, Toucan allows you to donate to causes that matter to you in an easy, flexible and hassle-free manner. You can split your money across up to three charities each month, which you can easily swap in and out whenever you please. Helping others is proven to help lift your own mood, so on your not so great days, jump onto Toucan and make a positive impact. It feels good to do good!

Find it here:

Happy News

The news nowadays is often filled with stories of doom and gloom, and that can be hard to digest. But contrary to what we sometimes believe, the world is actually a wonderful place with an abundance of positive occurrences every single day. Happy News is a website dedicated to covering only the most joyous stories on the planet. So if you’re looking to read something that will warm your heart, you know where to go.

Find it here:

Stop Breathe Think

Life can be stressful. And when these times occurs, what we all crave is the chance to simply stop, breathe and think. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what Stop Breathe Think gives you the opportunity to do (who would have thought it?). The app offers a personalized mindfulness solution tailored to how you’re feeling at any single moment. 

Find it here:

Emergency Compliment

There are times in life when you’re lacking confidence and all you want is a little pick-me-up. Enter Emergency Compliment! This very kind website offers you an array of compliments at the click of a button, giving you a much-needed boost to your self-esteem when you’re feeling down.

Find it here:

Open Puppies

We’re no scientists, but we have determined that it is biologically impossible to feel down whilst looking at videos of dogs being cute (don’t fact check this please, thanks). Open Puppies is literally a website that shows you endless videos of dogs being hilariously adorable and adorably hilarious – sometimes simultaneously. If you’re still reading this and haven’t already clicked over to Open Puppies then we don’t know what else to say to you!

Find it here:

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