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CAF Giving Report 2021

21st December 212 mins
By Toucan

CAF Giving Report 2021

Have you ever wondered how people in the UK are giving to charity? Well, the UK giving report studies has the answers for you! The research aims to highlight key trends that will help charities, policymakers, and wider society to understand how the UK’s giving behaviour is changing. 

What were the key findings? 

  • The most important finding from the report is that the UK gave £11.3 billion to charity in the past year, up from £10.6 billion in 2019. However, the number of people giving has dropped slightly, leaving donation levels in 2021 below average, but the people who do give tend to give sizeable donations. 

  • As with most places, cash giving has declined, and it’s reached its lowest ever level, with as little as 7% of donors using cash. Most donors use contact-free and digital methods to make their donations, such as a website, app, or debit card. 

  • Older people aged 65 and above are still more likely to engage in charitable or civic activities. Those in younger age brackets are more likely to sign a petition than donate, with over half reporting that they signed one in the past 12 months. 

  • The top causes people donated to were animal welfare, support for children/young people, and medical research, which have stayed consistent since the previous report was published. 

What does this mean for Toucan? 

The report suggests that donors both old and young, are donating with technology more than in previous years, likely escalated by the pandemic. For us at Toucan, we are providing people with a way to give that matches up with the way we live now. 

With over 20,000 charities on the app, you can discover those that resonate with you, enabling you to donate to causes you care about most – whether you support them long term or switch it up each month, it’s completely up to you! The top causes mentioned in the report are also available to donate to on Toucan. 

A few taps are all it takes to donate to charities of your choice on Toucan; it has never been simpler! With your donation history all in one place, you can share the good you are doing with your friends and family. 

Read the full CAF Giving Report 2021 here

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