Show the world what you stand for.

Thousands of charities. Regular, flexible donations. One simple app.

PayaCharity, the UK’s largest provider of contactless donation devices, has acquired Toucan as it seeks to strengthen its offering in the Charitable giving sector.

The Toucan App has been removed from the App Store and Google Play while we transition over and we hope to have them back up and running as soon as possible.

All your giving, right here, every month.

Imagine an app where all the good you're doing is stored in one place. Where you can discover and support thousands of charities by barely lifting a finger. That’s Toucan.

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Start giving in minutes.

Four quick questions is all it takes us to filter through thousands of charities and give you a handful we think you’ll love. A few taps more and your first donation is en route.


Give to who you want, when you want.

Change your charities or donations whenever you want. We don’t give away any of your data so say goodbye to cold calls asking where you’ve gone.


Open a statement you’re proud of.

All your donation history in one place, from the charities you’ve helped to the money you’ve given. Ready for you to track, share or just sit back and admire.


Show the world what you stand for.

Give the dinner pics and #throwbackthursdays a miss and share all the good you're doing instead. Easily and directly from the app.

A little more forgivable

Live guilt-less.

You can’t be perfect all the time. Luckily, there’s Toucan. A good deed ticking along in your pocket, making you feel less guilty on your not-so-great days.

What they all say...

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I just wanted to find some local charities I could give a bit of money to. The app’s Nearby charities feature was great for this.

Andy, Newcastle

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It feels good knowing I’ve just got the app going along in the background, sending money out each month, a good deed done.

Rajesh, Milton Keynes

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I always feel like I want to give to charity, but it’s hard to know which ones to choose. Toucan makes it easy to just filter through and finds some that really fit with me.

Tim, Bath

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I love how flexible it all is, like I want to give to lots of different charities, not just a couple, and now I can swap the three in my portfolio out each month. It’s great.

Mercedes, Sheffield

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It’s nice having an app that you can look at and feel good, you know? Whether it’s checking out my own impact or just reading stuff in the Nest.

Davina, Scilly

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This sounds awful but giving to charity is often quite hard work. Toucan makes it super easy

Mary, Hull