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Monthly donations to your favourite charities. Build your giving portfolio & split a monthly donation between the ones you care about most. Watch your impact grow and share your goodwill. It’s simple. It’s flexible. It’s Toucan.

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What we do

Building a world where giving is second nature


Find charities by cause & location

Scroll, swipe and search through our database of 20,000 UK charities - from the biggest names to the little guys


Create your giving portfolio

Split your donation across your selected charities each month. Keep them ongoing, or replace them for next month. You’re in control.


See & share your impact

Keep track of your donations and view which causes you've donated to the most. Then spread the word and share the love.

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20,000 ways to change the world

Discover charities that resonate, quickly and efficiently, enabling you to donate to the causes you care about most.

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Fair and transparent

A different kind of portfolio

Create your own giving portfolio and make an impact across multiple charities.


Help all the causes you care about

Split a single monthly donation across multiple charities.

Fair and transparent

Give to who you want, when you want

With a flexible giving portfolio, you can support charities long term, or switch to new ones any time you like.

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A statement you're proud of

Your donation history is all kept under one roof, allowing you to easily track the good that you're doing.

Fair and transparent

Social impact just got social

Share your giving on social and highlight the causes you care about to the wider world.


Swipe right on what matters most

Quickly navigate through thousands of charities to find a match for your portfolio.

Fair and transparent

Zero to hero in seconds

Shortlisted charities, bundled together to help you get started in supporting the topical campaigns you care about most.

Yes to control. No to cold calls.

We only send Charities the data you want us to, meaning you can donate with privacy.

We've done our homework

Verified charitable data so you know exactly who and what you’re donating to.


Set annual giving goals and track all the good your donations do throughout the year.

Join the wait list and get early access

Be the first to try Toucan and start donating regularly to your favourite charities.

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