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Newport Mind

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Young Minds

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Changes Bristol

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Dandelion Time

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Be Free

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Black Country Mental Health

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About this fund

A fund by Wholesome Mils
Created 27/04/2022

Having struggled with anxiety and depression periodically throughout my teenage years and adolescence, mental health has become a topic incredibly important to me.

I believe looking after your mind should be a higher priority in society, as it not only impacts you and your quality of life but also everyone else and the world around you. Not even to mention how it affects how you work, WHO put a number on how much loss the economy has experienced due to anxiety and depression - they estimated £1 trillion worldwide. Although it’s a tough pill to swallow, it is not surprising to me in the slightest. This is why I am supporting these 9 charities on their mission to increase awareness and support for mental health in the UK. 

Why mental health is important to me

I think once you personally experience the pain of losing your spark, happiness or ability to do regular everyday activities easily, you realise just how central your mental health is to everything in your life.

This is why I started my social media. My mission is to encourage viewers to integrate more mindfulness, comfort rituals, healthy eating and wholesome routines into their lives.

I keep it real and share my struggles and my journey, as I myself am still on my own path, finding what works best for me. 

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