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Ramadan Giving Day 8: Global Relief Trust

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Global Relief Trust

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Created 31/03/2022

This Ramadan, you can easily help those in need, in the UK and abroad, with a quick, easy daily donation via this spotlight fund.

We’ve handpicked a collection of amazing Islamic charities who collectively are helping millions impacted by war, poverty, famine, disease and climate change. 

Each day, we’ll change the charity in the fund so you can spread your donations far and wide.

You can make a one-off donation or check back each day and donate.

Today's Charity: Global Relief Trust

GRT has worked in over a dozen countries, including Bangladesh, Yemen, Burundi, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Kashmir and with the Rohingya refugees to  provide essential supplies and resources to those in need. 

In 2019, GRT worked in Lebanon to provide emergency relief to over 10,000 Syrian Refugees

Last year, GRT fed over 100,000 people from Burundi to Bangladesh, as well as difficult to reach areas of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Myanmar. 

A donation of £50 is all it takes for GRT to gift someone in need sight-saving cataract surgery.

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