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Ramadan Giving Day 7: SKT Welfare

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Created 31/03/2022

This Ramadan, you can easily help those in need, in the UK and abroad, with a quick, easy daily donation via this spotlight fund.

We’ve handpicked a collection of amazing Islamic charities who collectively are helping millions impacted by war, poverty, famine, disease and climate change. 

Each day, we’ll change the charity in the fund so you can spread your donations far and wide.

You can make a one-off donation or check back each day and donate.

Today's Charity: SKT Welfare

Since they launched over a decade ago, SKT Welfare have provided urgent aid and sustainable relief to millions of disadvantaged people across the globe. 

Since they launched 11 years ago, SKT Welfare has provided over 8 million people with clean, safe water.

They’ve distributed over 600,000 warm winter packs to people in danger. 

They’ve treated over 660,000 unwell patients in Shaam and Pakistan.