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Mental Health Awareness Week

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About this fund

A fund by Max Hindle
Created 10/05/2022

I myself have suffered with mental health and always wished there was something out there to help me, I work with people every week who suffer with mental health issues and see it starting to increase… I alone, cannot solve this problem and am so grateful for companies like toucan who can help connect those who need help, with those who can help! Let’s end suffering together!

Why mental health matters so much to me:

I suffered with depression and anxiety for a few years before now truly living my happiest and most fulfilling life… I know what it’s like to think everything is hopeless, I was hopeless and nothing would change. But I was just riding my bike back to my little apartment in Mexico and just thought to myself: I am blessed to be alive! Things will change!

Mental health is not a colour, sex, age or size… it’s something that anyone can suffer with, and unlike physical aliments, you won’t see it… but just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

The greatest thing that helped me overcome anxiety and the awful thoughts/feelings I would suffer from was ‘I am not my thoughts’… I am the sky, and every thought is a cloud passing by, but just like any other cloud, they always pass by!

You’ve read this far, so how can you help and make an impact in someone’s life today? Giving is a great place to start (P.S. selfishly, scientific studies show that you can increase the serotonin in your body ‘the happy hormone’ by giving to someone in need)