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Who is the most generous character in a Christmas film?

16th December 213 mins
By Toucan

Who is the most generous character in a Christmas film?

The holiday season is beginning to take shape, so we thought it was time to put morality to the test: just how generous are the characters in the Christmas films we love to binge at this time of year?

Perhaps it’s a question you’ve asked yourself while heating up your mulled wine, wrapping your family’s Christmas gifts, or while trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

Well, worry no more: after extensive research and thorough objective analysis, we have ranked the top-five most generous characters in Christmas films. 

5. Scrooge

We start with a character who is not even remotely kind or generous when we first meet him. Ebenezer Scrooge from ‘A Christmas Carol’ was a greedy man who despised Christmas, but his character develops after visits from the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and yet to come. He learns to forgive, listen to his buried conscience and rediscover his own generosity. He realises that his actions can benefit others around him, and knowing they are happy, makes Scrooge happy. Scrooge ends the film providing dinner for the Cratchit family, and becoming a second father to Tiny Tim. See, he may be scrooge by name, but not necessarily by nature!

4. Cindy Lou Who

If you’ve ever watched ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas/, then you will know Cindy Lou Who is a generous young girl who sees the good in everyone. The city of Whoville does not like the Grinch, but Cindy Lou believes he is misunderstood and not actually mean. When she finds out the reason why the Grinch hates Christmas, she immediately wants to reach out to him and make him happy. Throughout the film, Cindy Lou also likes to remind everyone that Christmas isn’t all about traditions and presents; it is about joy and spending time with loved ones. Ok, maybe she is slightly annoying too – but that doesn’t negate her wholesomeness.

3. Arthur Claus

The film ‘Arthur Christmas’ acts as a reminder of the spirit of generosity and kindness at Christmas. The character of Arthur completely exemplifies these traits, and rises to the occasion. After finding out one child’s toy has not been delivered in time for Christmas morning, he sets out on a mission - facing his wildest fears to make sure the child isn't forgotten. He always puts others before himself, and you can’t help but love him for his true Christmas spirit and warm heart. So fear not if you too are rushing around on Christmas Eve picking up last-minute gifts – you’re just like Arthur!

2. Buddy the Elf

Christmas is not complete without the loveable and outgoing character of Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) from the well-known film ‘Elf’. Buddy exudes generosity just by being who he is. He encourages everyone around him to be cheerful and spreads the universal messages of kindness, faith, and love. He shows us that a gift is a way of showing someone how valuable they are to us and that we can all take the time to do something for someone without needing a reason. We should all be more like Buddy.

And now, we have our top spot - drumroll, please…

1. Santa

Who else was going to be top of the list? The big man himself – Santa Claus, or Father Christmas as he may be known to some. Santa has appeared in movies for as long as they have existed and has been characterised in many ways, but ultimately it all comes back to his generous spirit. There are so many memorable Santa appearances, it’s too hard to choose which one is the most generous! (Although if you’re asking us, it’s definitely Tim Allen in the Santa Clause triology…)

So there we have it, the top five most generous Christmas characters according to our very scientific study. Do you agree with our findings? 

Is there an act of generosity you’re planning this holiday season? You could start by downloading the Toucan app, donating to your charity of choice and making a difference to those who need it most. 

We’re not sure about you, but looking into these characters has made us want to get cosy in front of the TV with a hot chocolate to watch the films all over again… 

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