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5 Wolverhampton charities to support this year

3rd December 213 mins
By Toucan

5 Wolverhampton charities to support this year

The third largest city in the West Midlands by population, Wolverhampton is the base for over 450 registered charities, organisations, services, voluntary groups, and social enterprises. Due partly to the diversity of the area, the charities in Wolverhampton span a wide ranges of causes and issues. The city also has a strong connection to the third sector; in 2012, research suggested that Wolverhampton was the most generous city in the UK based on the number of donors per month.

Charities in Wolverhampton:

Good Shepherd Wolverhampton

Since 2003, Good Shepherd has offered support to those who are living homeless in Wolverhampton. The charity provides a regular food service, as well as a day care centre, activity programme, housing service and supported lettings scheme.

The staff at Good Shepherd work hard to always listen to the issues of those they help and make them feel valued – they believe everyone has the capacity to change and achieve their full potential. The staff are also trained in Psychologically Informed Environments and Trauma Informed Care to ensure they can deliver the best support possible.

The charity is passionate about collaboration and partners with a variety of other charities, community organisations and funders in order best help the city’s homeless problems.


The Haven Wolverhampton

The Haven Wolverhampton is a charity that supports women and children who have been subjected to domestic abuse and homelessness. It provides high quality aid in a safe environment, and operates on the values of respect, dignity, responsibility and compassion.

The charity offers a range of services and activities to support women and children, including a 24/7 helpline, safe accommodation, support for those living in the local community, advocacy and advice, specialist programmes, counselling and therapy, and children’s services.

The Haven Wolverhampton’s vision is for all women and children to live in a society free from oppression, homelessness, and abuse, and to promote and uphold human rights.


The Homeless Period

The Homeless Period operates to reduce period poverty in Wolverhampton. Through its work, the charity is aiming to get free menstrual products in schools and public places across the city.

In the fight to tackle period poverty, The Homeless Period collects a range of feminine hygiene products and gives them to the women and girls who need them most. The charity does this by putting together period packs containing sanitary products, new underwear and a variety of toiletries, and distributing them via homeless outreach organisation, women’s support organisation, hostels, shelters and schools/colleges.

The Homeless Period also works to remove the stigma associated with periods and educate people on the process of menstruation.


Wolverhampton Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

For over thirty years the Wolverhampton Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre has supplied physical and mental therapies to those in the local community suffering from the physical and psychological effects of MS.

The most common therapy for MS that is offered by the charity is oxygen therapy. The therapy involves the patient breathing in oxygen at various atmospheric pressures so that all cells and tissues can absorb it. The increased flow of oxygen stimulates and restores function to damaged cells and organs, including those of the liver and brain.

The centre provides all its therapies and support through a self-referral basis, meaning anyone can access the benefits quickly and avoid waiting lists or and pre-therapy examinations.


Base 25

Founded in 1998, Base 25 works with approximately 9,000 children and young people and 1,000 adults each year, providing a range of support services to those who need help to get their lives back on track.

The charity prides itself on tailoring its services to the needs of each individual, providing bespoke therapy and counselling for members of the community who are suffering from mental health issues. Base 25 also puts on sessions that bring together people who are going through hard times, so that they share experiences and find strength in numbers.

The goal of the charity is to give both young people and adults the support they require to reach their full potential in life, regardless of their background or life experiences.



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