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6 Charities in Hull to support this year

3rd December 214 mins
By Toucan

6 charities in Hull to put on your radar

Hull, or more correctly Kingston upon Hull, is home to over 450 registered charities, organisations, services, voluntary groups, and social enterprises. The only major city in East Yorkshire, Hull is the hub of the region’s third sector activity, housing numerous organisations that support a vast range of causes and communities. There is, however, a particular focus on assisting those from less affluent backgrounds, with Eurostat data placing East Yorkshire as one of the top ten poorest regions in the whole of Northern Europe.

Charities in Hull:

Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club

Formed in 2012, Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club is the region's first and only powerchair football club. Open to all ages and genders, the charity gives people who require powerchairs the opportunity to team up with those with similar life experiences and get involved in team sports.

The club a has wide range of players who compete at various levels – from the National League to Regional League – to those who just come for the social activity.

The main aim of the Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club is allow physically disabled play a fast-paced game that they would not otherwise have the chance to do. The club also works hard to educate and showcase powerchair football to members of the public, and demonstrate how powerchair football can change the life of a vulnerable person.


Hull Children’s University

Hull Children’s University is a charity that has been running for over 25 years, and aims to raise the aspirations of young people in Hull and East Yorkshire by building their confidence through unique learning experiences.

The charity supports young people who are enduring difficult home lives and works to build their social and educational skills. The Hull Children’s University does this by running a variety of experiences, each tailored to encourage learning, build self-esteem and create aspirations.

The experiences the charity offers includes trip to cities such as London and Edinburgh to see a range of landmarks, visits to NHS hospitals and a variety of museum workshops.


Dove House Hospice

For almost forty years, Dove House Hospice has cared for terminally ill residents of Hull and the surrounding areas, providing them with accommodation and therapies to improve their quality of life. The charity also offers bereavement support to help grieving families.

The hospice’s person-centred care focusses on the needs of the person it is caring for, not just their illness, and the staff take the time to get to know patients and their families to help make staying at Dove House a home from home experience.

Dove House Hospice offers its services to anyone over the age of 18 who has a life-limiting, progressive or terminal illness, including cancer, neurological illnesses, heart and respiratory disease, dementia and HIV/AIDS.


Hull & East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf

Established over one hundred years ago, the Hull & East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf operates solely to assist, empower and bring together the deaf community in the area.

The charity has been based in the same location since 1926, in a building that the organisation built itself. The Hull & East Yorkshire Centre for the Deaf is incredibly proud of its rich history and the fact that it owns the building outright, and has no affiliation with the government or any county councils.

On site, the charity has a community centre for the deaf and their families, equipped with a sports hall, a fully licensed bar, a chapel, a billiards room, TV lounge and sizable kitchen. The centre also has staff that offer assistance on welfare and communication issues, as well as providing hearing aid services and battery replacements.


Special Stars Foundation

Special Stars Foundation is a charity that focuses on improving the quality of life for people with significant physical and learning disabilities and their families. The charity achieves this by providing a diverse calendar of creative learning and social activities, as well as offering a range of support, training and advice services for parent carers.

The organisation currently supports over 2,000 families affected by disability in the Hull and East Yorkshire region, operating from its premises on the historic high street in the centre of the city. At the Special Stars Foundation centre, there is a private therapy room, a training suite capable of presenting to around 20 delegates, and a large informal multi-purpose room with soft furnishing and sensory toys where the charity runs support groups and advice sessions.

Additionally, the Special Stars Foundations provides an online shop that stocks a variety of specialist disability-related equipment and sensory toys at low prices, helping families to afford much-needed quality items.


No Way Trust

For over 28 years, the No Way Trust – also known as Prison! Me! No Way! (PMNW) – has provided a learning landscape to teach young people about the causes, consequences and impacts of crime.

The charity offers real-life learning experiences for those aged eight to 18, to help reduce risky behaviour and prevent them from becoming involved in crime. The No Way Trust works with the most vulnerable and underprivileged young people in the Hull area and teaches them how to positively manage the temptations of modern society and develop into law-abiding citizens.

Over its existence, the charity has worked with over one million young people, and works tirelessly to collectively help young people and their communities to reduce crime, reoffending and anti-social behaviour.


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